Visible Evidence 2021
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Ethics Lab

Dan Geva
Dec 14–18
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The Ethics Lab, CILECT, pursues, since 2016, a global-scale educational research project that fosters an ethically minded, self-examining practice in the lives of media makers: a multifaceted online domain in which the student, the teacher and the documentarian learns to become more aware of, and competent with regard to, the complex interplay between themselves, individuals, community, history, experience, and environment—an ethical stance in its own right.


Our mission is to establish a first of its kind accumulative source of recorded first-hand ethical testimonials of documentarians, media-students, teachers and scholars, and make these testimonials available to all film, television, and screen-based arts institutions, worldwide.

These testimonies serve as a source of identification and inspiration accessible to fellow students, colleagues, filmmakers, and researchers; designed for viewing and discussion in class. Operating on 6 continents we have reached out, thus far, to people from more than 30 nationalities, producing over 500 video recorded testimonials.

We kindly invite you to become an active and contributing part to the third round of collaboration (Visible Evidence 2018 and Visible Evidence 2019) between Visible Evidence and The Ethics Lab, CILECT.


Visit us at the conference venue and share a meaningful dilemma from your creative biography.